Crawling up from Rock Bottom

Sometime around the beginning of 2009 my life hit rock bottom.

I was working in a full-time job. Long hours. Doing something that I enjoyed… but with no future career prospects.

There was no way up.

Yet I was being paid peanuts for the work.

It just wasn’t enough money to support even the basic frugal life we were living.

Not only that, but I was having to do a lot of work in Japanese; a language that I was really struggling with. I was stuck and unable to improve. And I didn’t know what to do to get past that. I felt like I’d tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

I was in a hole that I was unable to get out of.

Why not take a Masters?

Somewhere amidst all of this, somebody suggested to me that I consider taking a master’s. Online. Distance learning, they said.

It would take some time, but once done I’d have a qualification. I’d be able to look for higher paid jobs and at least that would help with our financial problems. Improve the quality of our life.

There were two problems, though…

First, we were broke. Second, I was already really busy. But I knew it would be a good investment for the future and something that I should do.

So I decided to go for it.

Finding Money to Pay For It

I stopped drinking to help raise money – every Monday evening I went to the pub with co-workers. So instead of beer, I drank water.

It wasn’t a massive amount of money, but that money saved certainly helped. We found some stuff that we didn’t need. We sold it on Yahoo Auction, and we raised a little bit of cash like that.

Then, I started teaching private lessons in the evening from our local Starbucks to raise the rest of the money that I needed.

Finding Time to Do the Work

The problem was, is I’d now taken an already busy schedule and I’d added extra work to it.

So now I didn’t even have the evenings to do the work that I needed. Not to mention that we had a one-year-old son at home who needed constant attention and looking after.

So, I did the only thing that I could do.

I started to get up at 5am.

Was it easy to get up at that time to study for a Masters?

Certainly not.

Especially in the beginning. But, once I started to see real progress with what I was doing, the motivation dragged me along. Quickly it became a habit, and from there it was easy.

There’s an old saying in English ー

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”

… and when I first started that process, it felt like there was no way.

There’s ALWAYS a Way

To make a long story short, I finished the 4 year course in just 2 years. Fees paid off in full. Completely debt free. A Master’s qualification in my hand and an invite to continue on to PhD level.


It was definitely something worth doing.

The point I wanna make here is that if you got something that you wanna do in your life, find a way. For example, transforming your English speaking so that you can use it to really accomplish the things you want in your life.

Even if it seems impossible, think about how you can actually get it done.

It might seem like you don’t have enough time.

That you don’t have the cash that you need to invest. But, if you think about things outside of the box a little bit, I’m sure you’ll find that as the saying goes, where there’s a will there certainly is a way.

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Julian Northbrook is an unconventional punk of the business English learning world. A leading expert in English education and direct response marketing, he’s fully equipped to drag you kicking and screaming from English-mediocracy to speaking at an outstanding level. After being turned down for his dream job in the art industry, Julian suffered three long years as a crap Japanese speaker. He understands exactly what it’s like to feel like a total idiot every time you speak. But Julian overcame his language problems, mastered the language, and went on to work first as a freelance translator, then as an executive member of a Japanese company. But he soon grew sick of the corporate world and left it to pursue something infinitely more satisfying — running his own business helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get so good at English that they forget that it’s not their first language. He writes the infamous Doing English Daily Newsletter which you can (and should) subscribe to.