Breaking News: Firefighters Rescue Hedgehog Stuck in a Fence

Firefighters rescued a cute little hedgehog this morning that had gotten stuck in a fence, somewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The poor animal was found a local.

It’s head was sticking out one side of the fence, it’s rear end the other.

Apparently when a hedgehog smells food, that’s it. There’s nothing else on their mind. So they don’t think twice about trying to squeeze through a fence two narrow for them, or indeed, try to walk over an open pit.

Simply put…

When confronted with food, they become one-track minded and regularly get themselves into trouble.

Kind of like men around cute girls, really.

The point of this story?

There’s isn’t one, to be honest.

I just felt sorry for the poor little hedgehog. Let’s hope the firemen got his some dinner too, after they’d extracted him from the fence.

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Julian Northbrook
Language Punk. Not Stuck in Fence.

P.S. I’ve spent the whole day filming the new “Business Basics” course….

And it’s looking damn good, if I do say so myself.

More on this soon…

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