Which is better: Shadowing or Repeating?

In this video and the next few, I’m going to talk about the “Shadowing” technique.

Niloufar asks:

Hi Julian.

Shadowing is a really good method. But I have an idea. Don’t you think it’s better not to copy the voice of speaker simultaneously? I feel it’s better to copy it after the speaker in order to hear our own voice.

What do think?

First off, Shadowing isn’t a method. It’s an exercise. So what you’re asking is kind of like saying asking whether push-ups or bench presses are better. Or to use another example, whether plum tomatoes are better than cherry tomatoes in a salad.

The answer is…

It depends on what you want to do.

This video explains everything:

Shadowing is an extremely effective exercise. But it has to be part of a complete system. Just like you wouldn’t JUST do bench presses and expect to improve all areas of your fitness, you can’t JUST do shadowing and expect it to work.


Julian Northbrook
The Langauge Punk

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