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A Pint of the Black Stuff?

in The Doing English Blog

Another Friday…

… another new EES lesson.

This week we’re doing part 2 of the lesson we started last month.

Last week, Sue met Sean – her long lost cousin from the other side of the pond.

This week they retire to the bar to talk all things Irish…

… but are they so Irish?

Or are they actually American?

This week we’re mainly looking at cultural differences (an important part of understanding and using English well).

In a nutshell:

  • A quick ’n’ dirty overview of ‘round-culture’ (and why us Brits tend to get so drunk when we go out for a “quick drink”).
  • The surprising reason Guinness tastes so different in Ireland (yes, it really does taste better in Ireland – here’s why).
  • Why the American saying “St Patty’s Day” is WRONG.
  • American or Irish? Many of the cultural events we know and love today (St Patrick’s day, Halloween and more) are actually reverse imports from America.
  • Do Irish people wear green on St Paddy’s day? (Not normally: in fact, it might even be offensive to some people).


Click here to do the lesson.

This week’s live Q&A will be tomorrow @11am Ireland time.

I’ll send the login link out to the discussion group.


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