Which is better: Shadowing or Repeating?

In this video and the next few, I’m going to talk about the “Shadowing” technique. Niloufar asks: Hi Julian. Shadowing is a really good method. But I have an idea. Don’t you think it’s better not to copy the voice of speaker simultaneously? I feel it’s better to copy it after the speaker in order [...]

English Speaking Practise That Actually Does Something

English speaking practise

You’ve probably met plenty of people like this: Has 800+ in TOIEC or over 8 in IELTS. Knows vocabulary that even native speakers don’t know (and is very proud of the fact). Knows all the weird grammar patterns (also better than most native speakers). Can’t say “good morning” in a native-like way. Sounds really silly, [...]

Why are the Brits so bad at foreign languages?

Brits bad languages

That Dutch Guy says: We [Dutch are] good at French and German too, why are the British so crap at other languages is a better topic for a video I’d say. Indeed. We Brits are famous for not speaking foreign languages. And here’s why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t9mNGm_-XI According to a survey published by the European Commission, this [...]