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In this week’s video, I’m talking about Structured Learning. Structured learning, in a nutshell, is what we know about skill acquisition from neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The brain needs repetitive, iterative learning and practise to properly acquire knowledge and hard-code it in long-term memory. Watch the video: A great example of people who do [...]

I’m Leaving Japan

This is Sundays with Julian 15. This time I talk about the new Doing English Academy, my hot new look and plans to up sticks and set up shop somewhere else. Enjoy: What did you think of the hot new look? Pretty sexy, if you ask me Two Step Speaking 3.2 The 2SS course [...]

A while back I posted a video on YouTube about the language you think in. And I got this comment: This is more common than you might think. What TealFalls is talking about here, is something language-scientists call ‘activation’. I mentioned this briefly in this video, but let’s talk about in detail, here. Have a [...]

Are you stuck translating in your head? If you are, don’t worry. The problem can be fixed, and you can learn to speak English while thinking directly in English (without your first language getting in the way). But first, you need to understand WHY it happens. Watch this video: Three Reasons You DON’T Think [...]

What is Small Talk?

What even is small talk? The dictionary defines it thus: light conversation; chitchat. First, small talk and chitchat aren’t necessarily the same thing. We tend to chitchat with people that we know and are already friendly with. Small talk, however, is often with people we don’t know (which can be far more difficult). And while [...]

If you’re struggling to speak confident English… don’t worry. You’re not alone. Speaking Confident English – The Reality It’s hard enough to learn English. But when you’re not a confident English speaker? It’s even harder. Many people find this hard to believe, but I am naturally a shy and introverted person. And even though English is [...]

One of the best books I’ve read… … is “Don’t sleep, there are snakes”, by Daniel Everett. Everett was a Christian missionary. He went to live in the jungle with a tribe of Amazonian Indians called the Pirahã to spread the word of god. But his experience was so profound that he gave up Christianity and become [...]

Mastering English is not complicated. It takes time and effort, to be sure. But it’s not complicated. In fact, improving your English as an intermediate to advanced English learner basically comes down to a very simple Two Step method. Watch this video: It really is that simple. Of course, the devil is, as always, [...]

Very common question: How much time do I need to master English? What this really means, of course, is, “What is the fastest way to master English?” Watch this video and I’ll tell you: I’m afraid there’s no magic way to master English. Ultimately, you have to put in the time and effort to [...]

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