Julian Northbrook

This made my ex-student weep in frustration. Perhaps it does you too? Way back in the day, when I was first in Japan and I was working at a conversation school. Mainly taught adults who used English in business. My Student’s Email trauma One of my students there worked at an international school. And he [...]

Whose goals, exactly, are you chasing? There’s an old story about a dog who chases cars. Every day he runs out of the house barking, chasing cars that go past. Of course, he never catches them. The cars are much too fast for this poor old dog. But one day, the owner asks an important [...]

Sometime around the beginning of 2009 my life hit rock bottom. I was working in a full-time job. Long hours. Doing something that I enjoyed… but with no future career prospects. There was no way up. Yet I was being paid peanuts for the work. It just wasn’t enough money to support even the basic [...]

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