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Julian, you are honest and don’t afraid how people judge you, that’s why people love you. You helped me a lot not only for English, but also for my life.


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Want to sound clever when you speak English? Sophisticated? Intelligent? Well, you're probably doing it wrong. Watch this video to find out more: So there we have it. How to sound damn clever when you speak. The next step is to go get yourself on the Doing English Daily Newsletter. Cheers, Julian

How to speak English about... NOTHING. A few days ago I got a really snarky email complaining about lots of things (in all fairness it was in reply to an email asking, "How is the Doing English Daily Newsletter helping you?" ... guess they just didn't like it much ; ) But anyway, check it [...]

I guess this is only relevant to those who have kids (and are guys)... But happy father's day! Just finished a nice dinner of lamb chops. It's funny really. I never thought I'd have kids. Never even dreamed of it. There's a scene in the film lost in translation, where Bob and Charlotte are talking: [...]

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