Forgetting That English Isn't Your First Language

A film about one language learner’s journey from constant frustration and embarrassment to living with confidence in another language.

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What others are saying

“I really enjoy receiving your emails, and I open and read them every single day. You bring a lot of positive waves in my day so that I push myself outside my comfort zone.”

 Anne Delsouc

"The first thing I do every morning is to read the Doing English emais. This Julian’s letter motivate me to work harder for to achieve my goals. Thank you again!"

Mary Ribes

“I love to read your email everyday. It’s just refreshing. And makes me happy to know that a successful person had a bad time like me.”

Kath Trimarchi

"Julian, you are honest and don’t afraid how people judge you, that’s why people love you. You helped me a lot not only for English, but also for my life."


Doing English on YouTube

Award winning YouTube channel. Popuarly know as the "most sarcastic teacher on YouTube". I take a no-bullshit approach to English learning - if you can deal with that go ahead and subscribe.

"Such a great channel for English Learner. Just can't wait to share this to my friends."

"Your videos are different, I liked each one I have watched, thank you."

The Doing English Podcast

The Doing English Podcast ranked #1 in Japan, Italy and probably other countires that I didn't check. 

"Thank you very much, Julian, for this amazing podcast! I think the most impressive thing I see in this podcast is a new ideas! Funny, serious, but always practical - it’s really great! Please don't stop." -- Denis

"Your podcasts are always interesting and very useful to help us to improve English. Thank you and good job. I'am waiting for the next one" -- Javier

What people are saying about Doing English

“Julian’s emails are a quite inspiring way of starting your days. You can agree or disagree with Julian’s opinions on many respects, but the stories he tells – his life story, basically – offer a great insight on many life issues. His English is very natural and you can learn everyday some new expression. However, the thing I appreciate most is his “can-do attitude”. So, English as well as a little bit of personal growth. Very worth reading!”


"Julian, simply the best (and most unconventional) English teatcher on the web."


"His opinions always motivate me to improve my English. I will try things so that I can be exceptional. Thank you, Julian."

“All of the advice that you give about learning English is really helping me.”


“You changed my life. Enlightened me so many ways.”


“What you said in your courses and newsletter hit me in the face directly and I like it.”


Hi Julian, thank you very much for your daily email. I gained a lot from reading it. I love it.

I think the hardship that you faced when you were very young is a blessing in disguise. The best part of your story is that you managed to fight out of hardship not only in one piece but very successfully. You are a good captain of your life.

I strongly recommend this newsletter to everyone who wants a great success in their careers.


One year ago I could not be write one line correctly and lost many jobs although i am good in my field (accounting). I saw Doing English website by accident while I am hanging on internet and it is was attracted me so much and in the same time i decided to follow your daily news. Believe me my brothers i got progress in very short time and without to feel. Now i have good job and many offers from other companies. Thank you Doing English website.


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