Unsurprisingly I got a couple of people pissing and moaning about the Doing English Black Friday 0% sale.

One person said he’d been “waiting for today, because I thought you’d have a discount“.

I might be wrong about this…

…but last time I checked there were 10-30 basic Human Rights (depending on how they’re listed by various Legislations) and “a Black Friday Discount” was not among them.

I always find this miss-placed sense of entitlement somewhat… nauseating.

You’d be surprised how often I get emails saying things like, “You’re a teacher – it’s your duty to help me for free.” Ignoring the fact that doing this would (literally) kill me, would they get much benefit out of it?

Very unlikely.

Because there’s no personal investment.

Incidentally it’s the same kind of people who play the lottery, win, then end up bankrupt just a few years later. Which is true of 70% of lottery winners, by the way. Think about WHY that is.Now I’m going to be completely honest about this…

If you’re waiting for a discount, you should unsubscribe now, because this isn’t the place for you. I realise I’ll make less money by saying that. But it’s better for you. Because you don’t understand the investment your making – and thus are unlikely to ever get much benifit from it.

Now, at this point, my advice to you is to put those bargin-basement superpacks down (you’ll never use them anyway) and get yourself on Two Step Speaking. It’s very expensive, and it’s full price – absotutely no discount.

But my guess is that you’ll use it…

… and you’ll improve your English with it.

Here’s the link to join – see you on the inside.



So apparently today is Black Friday.

I’m vaguely aware that it’s an American thing. Something related to Thanks giving… but more commercial? Not too sure, to be honest. I know it’s Black Friday, because since about midnight I’ve had hundreds of emails from every online (and offline) business available offering me “massive discounts” and the “the biggest savings of the year”.

Yeah, thanks.

First off, sorry to disappoint you – but the Doing English Black Friday Discount is a massive 0% off.

I don’t do discounts.

And neither am I particularly bothered about GETTING a discount.

In fact, when I hear “biggest savings of the year” I can only think, “Well, no, actually I’m not saving anything. I’m losing.”

Because here’s the thing: giving discounts on courses (or anything else) leads to an “opportunity mindset”.

“It’s cheap,” you think, “so I’ll take this opportunity and buy it”.

It’s an easy way to make money. And yes, I did used to offer discounts before I was more business-savvy. But opportunity buying leads to not using. It’s cheap, so you buy it… then it sits on the shelf forever and ever, collecting dust.

On the other hand however, we have “Investment mindset” people.

These are the kind of people I want in Doing English (and yes, I’m very much an “investment” minded person).

Investment-minded people know discounts are meaningless. Because a good investment is a good investment. They think long and hard about buying, and when the DO buy… then USE the thing they’ve bought and get real value and benefit out of it. And after all… who really gets the biggest “savings”? the person who bought because it was discounted but never used (a total waste of money, however much you pay) or the person who “invested” and get a lot of benefit out of something?

Obviously it’s the latter.

But what I will do is meet you half way, as it were.

No discounts.

But for the rest of today you can get English Quickstart for £0.

It’s not free, though. Because I’m asking for 20 minutes of your time to participate in one of my research projects.

Just click here and follow the instructions (I’ll be taking this down sometime today… whenever I can be bothered).



Have a look at this picture:

This is basically everything I’m taking to the UK. Apart from clothes. Which I haven’t sorted out yet.

What is it?


I’m gonna be completely honest.

Painfully honest, perhaps. I hate cooking. And feeding myself is a REAL pain in the arse.

Last time I went to my university of just for a fortnight. Because I booked too late, I had to stay in a hotel (instead of the University guest accommodation).

The hotel was in the middle of nowhere.

And although there was a supermarket 25 mins away…

… there was nowhere to PREPARE food.

I spent the whole week feeling so, SO hungry. All I could think about was food. Food, food FOOD.

Thanks to that two week… I know exactly how zombies feel.

So this time I’m going prepared.

I’m staying at a place with a small kitchen.

And I’m taking everything with me. One of those bags is just full of add-water rice. One for each day I’m there. The other bag is full of boil-in-the-bag curry, instant miso soup and other easy to prepare Japanese meals. Even if I don’t buy *anything* in the UK… there’s enough food there to last most of the month.

Because as long as I’m not hungry?

I really don’t care what I eat. And if it’s at least fairly healthy? Bonus.

The lesson here of course is simple…

… make things easy for yourself.

Which is of course, one of the reason I love Podcasts so much.

Just down load it to your iPhone, android or whatever… and listen in the car. While you’re walking. While you’re washing up. Anything.

This week’s episode is here for your listening enjoyment.

Don’t for get to (1) subscribe on iTunes (2) rate it (3) leave a review (don’t have an iTunes account? Create one!)



P.S. Completely irrelevant…

But I recorded the “finishing touches” to the British Stories course today. Closing video and the like.

We’ve still got a couple of lessons to go before the course finishes (the next one is 20/24) … but my how the last 5 months have flown by.

This is good news for you, of course, because it finally means you’ll have a chance to join the course soon. Well, in a couple of months, anyway.
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